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Postern Coffee

Cordillera de Fuego Anaerobic SHB/EP Costa Rica


This coffee is grown from producer Luis Eduardo Campos, who is consistently introducing innovative techniques to his production methods. The Anaerobic process of this particular coffee starts with handpicked cherries, that are depulped and and placed in tanks with all it's mucilage. The coffee develops a unique mix of lactic and malic acid during the fermentation, and once ready, the coffee is then fully sun dried.

The coffee is given two classifications, SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) and EP (European Preparation). SHB is for coffees grown at 1200 MASL or higher. Higher altitude coffees mature at a slower rate, which can create sweeter and denser coffee beans that are considered higher quality. EP is a sorting classification where there is a minimum size of 15 and a maximum of 8 defects within 300 grams of coffee. 

We love how unique the experience is when drinking this coffee. With notes of cinnamon sugar, crisp apple, and hints of hibiscus, we find this coffee is perfect to sip throughout the day. 

This coffee was sourced by Genuine Origin.


Process: Anaerobic

Region: Tarrazú

Variety: Caturra / Catuai

Altitude: 1600-1750 masl

Size: 12oz

Pickup available at Pickup (only available at Suwanee Farmers Market; please notify date of pickup)

Usually ready in 5+ days

Size: 12oz

Product information

All coffee is roasted weekly on Thursdays and packed up and shipped Fridays & Saturdays.

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