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Postern Coffee

Luz Helena Salazar Colombia


Grown by Luz Helena Salazar at the farm Maracay, this incredible coffee presents us with all the great things a pink bourbon coffee can be. It is harvested at peak ripeness, floated and hand-sorted to remove defects, and then fermented underwater for 30 hours before being pulped and dried. We love how well rounded the coffee presents, with a pleasant sweetness and acidity, with notes of lemonade, pomegranate, and cardamom.

This coffee was sourced by Cofinet

Process: Washed

Region: Quindío

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1450-1500 masl

Size: 12oz

Pickup available at Pickup (only available at Suwanee Farmers Market; please notify date of pickup)

Usually ready in 5+ days

Size: 12oz

Product information

All coffee is roasted weekly on Thursdays and packed up and shipped Fridays & Saturdays.

If you need coffee sooner, please reach out to us using the contact page.